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Technology Title:Indigenous Production of Palm Oil
Description:Palm Oil is a naturally reddish, highly saturated vegetable fat, derived from the fruits of palm trees usually called Oil Palm (Elaeis guineensis). It is semi-solid at room temperatures. It contains several saturated and unsaturated fats in the forms of glyceryl laurate (0.1%, Saturated), myristate (1%, saturated), Palmitate (44%, Saturated), stearate (5% saturated) Oleate (39%, monounsaticrated), Linoleate (10%, Poly unsaturated), and linolenate (0.3%, poly unsaturated). Unlike all other vegetable Oils, Palm oil does not contain cholesterol.
State Found:Abia
Location:Akpahia/Okpuala Ohuhu Umuahia North LGA
Material(s) Used:Palm fruits
Machine:Locally fabricated Digester power by diesel generator, Locall fabricated Seperator
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